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DUPDemocratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland)
DUPDélégation Unique du Personnel (French: Delegation of Unique Personnel)
DUPDéclaration d'Utilité Publique (French: Declaration of Public Utility)
DUPDances of Universal Peace
DUPDepartment of Unified Protection (gaming)
DUPDirection de l'Urbanisme et des Paysages (French: Directorate of Urban Planning and Landscape)
DUPDelft University Press (Netherlands)
DUPDump Utility Program
DUPDial up
DUPData Update Propagation
DUPDialup Networking Profile
DUPDell Update Package
DUPDynamic Update
DUPData User Part
DUPDial up Port
DUPDisk Update
DUPDaughters of Utah Pioneers
DUPDuration of Untreated Psychosis
DUPData User Part (SS7)
DUPDiundecyl Phthalate (chemical)
DUPDruck Und Papier (German)
DUPDuplicate Policy (insurance)
DUPDeed under Power of Sale (real estate; Georgia)
DUPDepot Utilization Plan
DUPDefinition-Use Pair
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Earlier yesterday former DUP minister Nelson McCausland said the attitude from the Government has shifted from "ct "constructive" to "confrontation" since Mr Varadkar succeeded Enda Kenny.
Are the DUP going to bring down a Conservative Government in order to bring in Mr Corbyn, who has a certain relationship with the IRA in the past?
The DUP source said they were "surprised at the level of negotiating skill" among senior Tory Ministers.
Her failure to reach a deal in time with the DUP doesn't bode well for the tough Brexit talks ahead.
Mrs May has rejected claims a deal with the DUP would undermine the Government's ability to act as an honest broker in talks on the restoration of devolved institutions and power-sharing in Northern Ireland.
Arfon Plaid Cymru MP Hywel Williams, who addressed the crowd, said the DUP should have no hand in the government of countries outside Northern Ireland.
Now as my MP, please make sure DUP deal doesn't water down rights.
And if they have to put up with the whiff of something not entirely pleasant, well In England, where multiculturalism is common, the DUP may seem like an unusual group.
The DUP is the biggest unionist, mainly Protestant party, led by Arlene Foster.
Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said: "What we have now is a weak and wobbly Prime Minister relying on the DUP in a desperate attempt to retain the keys to Number 10 Downing Street.
While the DUP are deeply eurosceptic, they have balked at some of the practical implications of a so-call hard Brexit -- a clean break from the EU's single market -- and talks will inevitably touch on efforts to minimise the potential damage to Northern Ireland, an important plank of its election manifesto.