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DOBDate Of Birth
DOBDepartment of Buildings
DOBDate of Business
DOBDepartment of Banking (various locations)
DOBDébat d'Orientation Budgétaire (French: Budget Orientation Debate)
DOBDifficulty of Breathing (medical condition)
DOBDying of Boredom
DOBDamenoberbekleidung (German retail women's clothing)
DOBDigital Object
DOBData Object
DOBDogs of Battle (gaming clan)
DOBDivision of Banks
DOBDo Our Best (Cub Scouts of Canada)
DOBDémocratie ou Barbarie (French: Democracy or Barbarism; Belgium)
DOBDepartment of Building
DOB2,5-Dimethoxy-4-Bromoamphetamine (psychedelic drug)
DOBDispersal Operating Base (US DoD)
DOBDuplication of Benefits (FEMA)
DOBDegree of Bend
DOBDepth Of Burst
DOBDecade of the Brain (conference)
DOBDaily Operating Bulletin (Canadian rail operating rules)
DOBDebt of Bones (Terry Goodkind book)
DOBData Output Bus
DOBDeployable Operating Base
DOBDienst Omroepbijdragen (Dutch Radio and Television Licensing Service)
DOBDirty Old Bastard
DOBDeployable Optical Bench
DOBDon't Obey Bullies
DOBDoctorate of Business
DOBDelete-O-Bomb (forum moderator removes post)
DOBDepartment of Bustards (band)
DOBDefensive Order of Battle
DOBDémythifier l'Ordinateur en Biologie (French: Demystifying Computer in Biology)
DOBDistributor's Own Brand (consumer goods)
DOBDomestic-Owned Bank
DOBDo Object to Bullies
DOBData Over Broadband
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(R-LA) announced the Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) release of legal guidance needed to implement the duplication of benefits (DOB) fix for 2016 Louisiana flood victims passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump in October 2018.
"One potential mistake people can make when purchasing a travel insurance policy is that you could potentially end up buying a policy that has some duplication of benefits with what you already have," says Joel Ohman, founder of (, an insurance site.
Parliament acting chairman Ali Al Aradi, who is also part of the talks, said a new pension system must ensure no duplication of benefits.
That is, if funds are appropriated to provide the same types of benefits that may already be provided through the Stafford Act, the result may be considered a duplication of benefits. Payments from insurance companies are considered duplication of benefits, and FEMA is required to reduce the amount of assistance provided by any actual or anticipated insurance payments.
"All of the data should flow through one venue so they can be shared to help the employer coordinate the medical management and administrative efforts and prevent any duplication of benefits."
Kennedy met privately with President Donald Trump to discuss a solution to the duplication of benefits issue that is affecting thousands of Louisiana families following the 2016 floods.
John Kennedy (R-La.) met with President Donald Trump to discuss a solution to the ongoing duplication of benefits issue affecting thousands of Louisiana families impacted by the 2016 floods.
As a matter of equity and sound public policy, action must be taken to ensure loans from the SBA or any other source not be included in a duplication of benefits calculation for CDBG-DR funds for Matthew or any subsequent federally declared disasters in North Carolina.
There is no duplication of benefits because HUD is not paying rental assistance.
Congressman Culberson, Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS), released the following statement after Governor Abbott submitted a request to waive the current ban on duplication of benefits that prevents those who accepted a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan from receiving Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant funding later.
Topics of recent recommendations included provision of medical countermeasures, duplication of benefits in the Individual Assistance Program, and tribal partnerships training.
Senate that removes a provision to assist Louisiana flood victims, the Duplication of Benefits (DOB) penalty.