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DPOADurable Power Of Attorney
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In the event that you become incapacitated without having executed a durable power of attorney, your family may have to petition the court to establish your incapacity and appoint a conservator to assist in the management of your property which can be both costly and time-consuming.
Shoemaker argued that she had the authority to decide the disposition of Collins' body because a physician's certification of incapacity was not required to give effect to the provision that allowed Collins' agent to "decide what should be done with [her] body." (19) Shoemaker contended that an alternative interpretation of this provision would be contrary to statutory language that gives an attorney in fact under a durable power of attorney a priority to exercise the right of sepulcher on behalf of the principle.
* A durable power of attorney (DPOA) allows you to authorize someone else to act on your behalf.
Also, during the grantor's disability, the holder of the durable power of attorney is authorized to transfer additional grantor-owned assets to the trust.
Also, most states don't recognize the rights of unmarried partners, so include a nonspouse in your will, health care proxy and durable power of attorney.
The legal authorities including: Limited Power of Attorney; Durable Power of Attorney; health Care power of Attorney; general Power of Attorney; Unlimited power of Attorney; Advance Health Care Directives, and more.
Sitarz provides instructions for completing standard and customized forms for a living will, health care power of attorney, and durable power of attorney; related forms (e.g., organ donation); and details on relevant state laws.
* A durable power of attorney for health care lets you name another person to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself.
In responding to the lawsuit, the nursing home noted that the man had previously, while competent, executed a durable power of attorney that authorized his son to pursue any "claims and litigation" on his behalf, a power that was to continue even should the man become legally incompetent.
Long-term care practitioners often are not aware of the true parameters of the durable power of attorney. Because it is a legal document bearing the resident's signature, practitioners immediately view the proxy decision maker as the person who should make the decisions on the resident's behalf, even when the resident is still able to make his or her own decisions.
In many states, a durable power of attorney for health care is operative only if and when a patient who has executed a durable power of attorney for health care is no longer capable of making his or her own decisions relative to his or her treatment.