DURACDowntown Urban Renewal Advisory Committee
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This observation that Spring analysis is overly state-centered seems to be contradicted by the vast attention for the role of the private sector (Bogaert 2013:229) and, even more pertinently, 'civil society' in the Arab Spring and its envisioned leadership in the post-Spring era (Bayat 2013: 598; Durac 2013:184; Keane 2011).
The ending -c is a suffix, as in daruc 'hunter' < daru 'hunting' (B 116) or maruc 'gold washer' < maru 'washing river sand' (B 282), durac messenger' (B 125).
Modo Accion 'ayudar' Succurro 2 Origen Proceso 'venir a la mente' Aduersor oponerse Modo, Referencia Accion Grado Dominor 1 reinar Instrument Posicion en Modo, Durac.
271 DURAC PARADOS 4,5% 0,9% 87,8% 5,0% 1,8% 100,0% LD 40.