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DEICDivisión Especializada en Investigación Criminal (Spanish: Specialized Criminal Investigation Division; Guatemala)
DEICDistrict Early Intervention Centre (India)
DEICDutch East India Company
DEICDefense Environmental International Cooperation (various nations)
DEICDéchet d'Emballages Industriels et Commerciaux (French: Waste from Industrial and Commercial Packaging)
DEICDistrict Education Improvement Committee
DEICDhombre Expansion Industrielle et Commerciale (French: Dhombres Industrial and Commercial Expansion)
DEICDelegacia Estadual de Investigações Criminais (Brazil)
DEICDistrictwide Educational Improvement Council (school policy review group; El Paso Independent School District; El Paso, TX)
DEICDepartament d'Enginyeria de la Informacio i de les Comunicacions (Spanish: Department of Information and Communications Engineering)
DEICDiocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
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You can also see the symbol of Dutch East India Company etched on it.
He served as a director of the Rotterdam Chamber of the Dutch East India Company (Veerenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC), and immediately before and after his voyage to Asia (1605-08) also on the central board of directors known as the Gentlemen Seventeen.
These are for the greater part included in Het grote VOC boek, also in an English edition as The Dutch East India Company Book.
From about 1603 to 1634 Hondius and his successors held the contract for supplying globes to the Dutch East India Company.
The analysis of the Dutch role in the region ties into the role of economics, specifically the importance of the Dutch East India Company.
The first New World exploration was not by the Dutch East India Company, but Queen Isabella handing Columbus a satchel of flags and saying, 'Go plant them wherever you can.
But his financial difficulties didn't end there; the troubled artist ran up debts at the Bols distillery owned by neighbour Lucas Bols, a major shareholder in the Dutch East India Company.
In 1640, the Dutch East India Company took over the fort and built a three kilometre rampart wall and 14 bastions that stands till this day.
East Indies: The 200 Year Struggle Between the Portuguese Crown, the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company for Supremacy in the Eastern Seas
In a bid to escape religious persecution in Catholic France between 1688 and the early 1700s, about 200 Huguenots (out of an estimated quarter of a million who fled the country) accepted an offer of safe passage to the Cape of Good Hope by the Dutch East India Company.
According to the report, Isenberg too found four coins originating from the Dutch East India Company with one dating back to 1690, when some early Dutch seafarers stepped on Australian shores much before Cook.
One theory is that the vessel was owned by the Dutch East India Company, also known as VOS.