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DTCADirect-To-Consumer Advertising
DTCADiphtérie, le Tétanos et la Coqueluche Acellulaire (French: Diphtheria, Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis)
DTCADutch Tax and Customs Administration (Netherlands)
DTCADiabetes Treatment Centers of America (diabetes treatment network; various locations; now American Healthways)
DTCADigital Temperature Control Amplifier (various companies)
DTCAD Trust Certifikacna Autorita (Slovak: D Trust Certification Authority)
DTCADwell-Time Code Acquisition
DTCADefect-Tolerant Computer Architecture
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The joint action was initiated by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service in cooperation with the FIOD, the criminal investigation service of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.
The eight papers collected here seek to bridge scholarship and practice on enforcement of personal and institutional compliance with civil laws and regulations, and were originally published for a 2006 conference organized by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.
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