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Minister Molefhi said prison officers assigned duties outside their stations were paid subsistence allowance whereas those assigned duties outside their duty station for a prolonged period were paid commuted subsistence allowance in terms of General Order 111.
According to the UN, non-family duty stations are those which are family restrictive due to security reasons.
Maria Pilar Buzzetti (30) from Italy, duty station Rome
Selnicks post of duty existed within the Veterans Health Administration or Veterans Benefits Administration, and his duties were performed at a facility within California, it remains unclear what those duties were and to which facility or office he was assigned, as his travel vouchers do not indicate a duty station.
Although district government has also notified that after May 25 no application regarding transfer of election duty station would be accepted but now they have exempted female staff on account of irregularities in appointments and directed them to submit their complaints and their issue would be resolved on priority.
Having made its political point, the Pentagon sent the carrier back to its duty station.
By calling or visiting a local FFSC, service members are able to receive one-stop assistance with information about the new duty station including cost of living, housing availability, medical care and treatment facilities, schools, spouse employment, opportunities and cultural adaptation training for overseas duty assignments.
Make the move to your new duty station a smooth one by planning ahead.
Temporary Lodging Expense payments are designed to cover costs associated with staying in a hotel or temporary quarters while moving from one duty station to another.
While en route to his duty station in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, U.S.
Presence in a combat zone while on leave from a duty station located outside the combat zone.
Syncom 3 is like that, but if it had been successfully rocketed up to its lofty duty station from the altitude at which the shuttle deployed it barely four months ago, any repairs at all would have been out of reach.