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DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
DVADynamic Visual Acuity (vision assessment)
DVADistribution Video & Audio (also seen as DV&A; Florida)
DVADeutsches Volksliedarchiv (German: German Folk Song Archive)
DVADevelopmental Venous Anomaly
DVADundee Voluntary Action (Scotland, UK)
DVADiverse Vector Area
DVADesignated Viticultural Areas (wine regions)
DVADetector Vacuum Assembly
DVADilated Vestibular Aqueduct
DVADeer Vehicle Accident
DVADirect Voltage Adapter
DVADesign, Verified and Assigned
DVADedicated Vendor Advocate
DVADoc Valentine Advertising
DVADeflecting Vane Anemometer
DVADynamic Vocoding Allocation
DVADifficult Venous Access
DVADeclaración de Voluntad Anticipada (Spanish: Living Will Declaration)
DVADebit Valuation Adjustment
DVADual Vehicle Adaptor (US DoD)
DVADeutsche Verlagsanstalt (German publishing company)
DVADigital Video and Audio
DVADefence Vetting Agency (UK)
DVADomestic Violence and Abuse
DVADirect Vertical Access (Oil Industry)
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The parents said the DVA should already be cited for contempt and should be penalized with the corresponding penalty fees and confinement without compromise, especially because of the hardships DVA has put on the school and its student body for more than six months.
So far, DVA coexisting with AVM is clinically silent, without any signs or symptoms, and has been left untreated.
Then, the presented DVA is compared with other existing DVAs under harmonic excitation in Section 3 and random excitation in Section 4.
La respuesta productiva fue estadisticamente similar en aves vacunadas contra LTI con una vacuna recombinante en vector DVA o con una vacuna recombinante en vector HVT.
Following an extensive review of the application, the authority's board has concluded that the application meets the requirements," the BCWA stated, promising to release its full report regarding the DVA application in due course.
Victims of DVA have increased contact with health professionals compared to the general population (Fanslow at al, 1998), but may not always be identified as experiencing abuse (Taskforce on the Health Aspects of Violence Against Women and Children, 2010).
In a 2004 opinion, the DVA General Counsel held "that a claimant's eligibility for VA disability compensation is governed by the character or release from the [active duty for training (ADT)] period during which a disabling injury or disease was incurred, [and that] [D]VA is not required to reconsider an award based on a period of ADT if the claimant is subsequently discharged from the National Guard under other than honorable conditions.
Environment Minister Mark H Durkan said it was devastating news for the DVA staff and their families.
1) This is relevant because the size of the DVA challenged its ability to manage inventory of medical supplies.
Ademais a DVA e considerada como a principal causa de cegueira evitavel em escala mundial (1).
The ACW 600 / DVA is at-line instrument for determination of the absolute titer (den/dtex) as well as unevenness or denier variation of filament yarn.