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DVaRDaily Value at Risk (market risk management)
DVaRDirect Video Assisted Redressal (Jasmine Wireless Inc)
DVaRDeer-Vehicle Accident Research (Iowa State University)
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Devorah Hirshfeld, of the labor movement women's monthly Dvar Hapo'elet, reports from Tel Katzir that the kibbutz's children know how to get to the bunker just as any other Israeli child knows the way to his neighborhood playground.
* Traditional BBMP activity of learning the parasha and dvar torah is, with the exception of the Reform TBI, taught privately giving the BBMPs a potentially more impactful identity forming role
A significant group difference was found for DVAR, F(1, 90) = 6.54, p < .05, [[eta].sup.2] = .07.
Captain Rabbi Hanania Shafran for his contribution to the halakhic research, which included: Shut Bemareh HaBazak, helek 6, tshuvah 43, Parashat Bo 5770; Makhon Minhat Asher, shanah 8, kovets 16; Shut Dvar Hevron, Orah Hayyim, tshuvah 355; correspondence with Rabbi Yaakov Ariel; interview with Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth; interview with Rabbi Mordekhai Eliyahu, of blessed memory.
The other is a differences VAR (DVAR) that is specified in growth rates and uses priors about the steady state (see Villani, 2008).
Again literal Hindi: thik thak unka hua phatak ke dvar par pahucna ...
WESTBORO - American Superconductor Corp., an energy technologies company, announced another order for its DVAR reactive compensation product to meet grid interconnection standards for wind farms.
(18) Elie Wiesel, "La Solitude de Dieu," Journal Dvar
You may have enjoyed a Dvar Torah from Jacqueline Osherow.
One of the most controversial exhibits is bound to be Dvar's space shuttle interpretation which is being shown in conjunction with the artist's view on orbiting space junk.
The first is the concept of "dvar shelo ba, le'olem" ("things that do not exist in the world").
Another work of his, recalling the form of Ugav Rahel, is Dvar Shmuel, published in Cracow in 1895.