DW4Dynasty Warriors 4 (video game)
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1 denies the pass from 1 to 5 while helpside Defensive Wing (DW4) will sag off to help in case of backdoor cuts by 5 or 3.
If 2 dribbles hard toward 4, DW4 must run and jump switches onto the dribbler with DG 2 switching to 4.
DW4 can then quickly attack the (poorer) ballhandler in the corner from behind, while DW5 becomes the "protector/defensive safety." DC3 and DG1 rotate into positions so that they can defend the zone areas--the most likely areas where pass receivers would go to escape the dribble trap in the deep corner.
Tolerance tests (FPLI, TI, DW2, and DW4) detected four QTLs on chromosomes 1, 6, and 7.
In our work, in addition to the standard screening tests, we employed a new screening test, days to wilt (DW) as a measure of the plant's reaction to BPH at two different age levels 30 and 60 DAS with two levels of insect load, 25 and 50 per plant (DW2 and DW4, respectively).
The detection of two different and significant QTLs on chromosome 6 (Pgi2-pRD10B) and chromosome 7 (RG773-CDO59) for DW at 30 and 60 DAS (DW2 and DW4), respectively indicates the possibility of two different loci controlling the resistance during different stages of plant growth.
Potential users need to be aware that the performance of the new DW3 is equivalent to some of the traditional DW4s and similarly the performance of the new DW4 is equivalent to some of the traditional DW5s.
Nepom offers some encouraging words to people who carry the Dw4 or 14 genes that have been associated with rheumatoid arthritis: "Even in identical twins who share identical genetic codes, if one twin has rheumatoid arthritis, less than 50 percent of the time the other twin will have RA," he says.