DWordDouble Word
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3) To scan all values of dword in the current stack, denoted as {instack_[addr.sub.k] | k [member of] [0, [n.sub.instack]]} , if (instack_[addr.sub.k] [member of] [alloc_[ptr.sub.i], alloc_[ptr.sub.i] + alloc_[size.sub.i] - 1]| k [member of] [0, [n.sub.instack]] i [member of] [0, [n.sub.alloc]]) [conjuction] ([there exists]j [member of] [0, [n.sub.release]], release_[ptr.sub.j] = alloc_[ptr.sub.i])
Program Version Vulnerability Crash Address Adobe Reader 9.3.4 CVE-2010-2883 0x0803DDAB Microsoft Office Excel 2003 CVE-2011-0104 0x300DE834 Firefox 3.6.16 CVE-2011-0073 0x1046659B Microsoft Office Word 2003 CVE-2012-0158 0x275C8A0A Program Crash Instruction Offset of Taint Adobe Reader call strcat 0x12C Microsoft Office Excel rep movs 0x300 Firefox call dword ptr [ECX + 70h] 0x4A Microsoft Office Word rep movs 0xA0F Table 4: The overhead of OFFDTAN and PANDA when running FeiQ and Word.
"push 6E6Fh, push 6D6C7275h, push esp, call dword ptr [esi]" is the pattern that the exploit code uses to call the APIs with three parameters.
Patterns of exploit code from the MilwOrm site detected by JsSandbox #1 exploit code #2 exploit code 66 53 push bx FF 37 push dword ptr [edi] 66 68 33 32 push 3233h 56 push esi 68 77 73 32 5F E8 33 00 00 00 push 5F327377h call 001fe7ec 54 push esp FF D0 call eax #3 exploit code 53 push ebx FF 57 F8 call dword ptr [edi-8]
A good protocol analyzer, such as the Data Transit Bus Doctor used in this article, will provide multiple displays for each of the different layers of the bus, including the Command (Task File) layer, the Packet layer, the Double-Word layer (DWord for short), and the bit layer.
Since SAS/SATA data is organized into 4-byte DWords, the analyzer shows a DWord on each line, except when an error occurs and then it uses four lines--one for each character in the DWord.
Algorithm 1 CODE FRAGMENT #1 (C): list_for_each_entry(kvm, &vm_list, vm_list) CODE FRAGMENT #2 (3.10.0-229.4.2.el7.x86_64): 4645D26A2 8B90f8090000 mov edx, dword ptr [eax+000009F8] 4645D26A5 48 dec eax 4645D26AB 81FA800354A0 cmp edx, A0540380 4645D26AC 48 dec eax 4.3.
We found Ica dWords cannot express our joy in this moment.
Recently, the use of Google Shopping and Adwords, as well as BingA dwords, Bing ds, has further increased the company's online exposure.
The recently announced BusMod SAS/SATA Error Injector capabilities like generating link errors such as 8b10b and CRC mismatch, adding and removing DWORDS to a frame, and modifying frame contents are now also made available to SAS and SATA developers working in a Linux environment.
This chronological view of DWORDs moving upstream and downstream across each lane provides precise timing context for analyzing PCI Express traffic.