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It is seen that PE coating decreases the dynamic coefficient of friction to 0.
The dynamic coefficient of friction of PE * coatings reduces to 0.
Static and dynamic coefficient of friction test was done according to the ISO 8295 method with Devotrans friction coefficient measurement equipment.
Measurements made at a high friction drag permit the dynamic coefficient of friction to be calculated, but not the static coefficient of friction.
In this study, a new approach for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction and shearing angle was adopted to simulate the contact condition between the plantar surface of the foot and the insole materials.
The dynamic coefficient of friction between the sock interface and test materials and the shear angle were recorded.
They deliver high strength and abrasion resistance, low dynamic coefficient of friction, and exceptional thermal shock resistance and dimensional stability.
22 Table 5 - dynamic coefficient of friction Cured butyl bladder Unvulcanized halobutyl innerliner panels E268 "A" Non-coated 0.
The resulting non-porous surface boasts a dynamic coefficient of friction (COF) as low as 0.
The initial peak force provides the static coefficient of friction, and the subsequent average force provides the dynamic coefficient of friction.
Since the specimens were in motion during testing the coefficient of friction measured and recorded was the dynamic coefficient of friction.
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