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DDTPDeaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
DDTPDivision of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention (Indian Health Service)
DDTPDebian Description Translation Project
DDTPDynamic DNS (Domain Name System) Tools Protocol
DDTPDauphinoise de Travaux Publics (French: Dauphinoise Public Works)
DDTPDeep Discount Tax Preparation (Ohio)
DDTPDrug Dependency Treatment Program
DDTPDiploma in Desktop Publishing
DDTPDedicated Donor Transfusion Program (blood donation)
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Improved tracking of Dynamic DNS domains, allowing the Platform to better pinpoint hosts and URLs that are using one of thousands of dynamic DNS providers.
To profile malicious domains, based on passive DNS traffic analysis we extract two groups features of malicious domains: static lexical features and dynamic DNS resolving features.
In [4], dynamic load balancing method using dynamic DNS update and round-robin mechanism is proposed.
Fast Edge with Dynamic DNS (DDNS) also offers built-in protection and security in addition to maximizing the speed of content delivery.
new exploits, known exploits like Dynamic DNS, and signature and sandbox
Botnet hide and seek: Nearly 70 per cent of networks were identified as issuing DNS queries for Dynamic DNS Domains.
Software features have also been added including support for the No-IP dynamic DNS service.
Meanwhile, drive-by downloads hosting exploits (often used by malvertising and watering hole attacks), Dynamic DNS (often used as an evasion technique against IP blacklisting) and Mobile Threats are new individual categories added to enhance protection and improve reporting granularity.
org in 1998, was created as a free dynamic DNS service.
Alan Morrison, co-owner of Geek to the Rescue, commented, "With traditional VPN setups, you need a static external address or mess with dynamic DNS setups to have two or more hardware devices connect to each other.
* Comparatively, the D-Link NVRs are the only IP surveillance recording and playback management systems that offer Power over Ethernet (PPPoE), unlimited schedule recording, dynamic DNS, four-channel support, two 3.5-inch SATA bays, four different RAID levels for backup and up to 120 frame speed performance for under $700.
The Bastion products, for institutions and commercial entities such as banks and Internet businesses, include an application firewall system, a dynamic DNS request system and an anti-DDOS system.
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