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The dynamic load test include the vehicle driving over the bridge at two different roadway condition--even roadway and uneven with speed of 20 km/h and 40km/h.
Pile Technology used Types of tests label P51 No grouting Compressive SLTs P121 Base grouting Compressive SLTs, dynamic load test P126 Base and shaft grouting Compressive SLTs, dynamic load test P15 Base and shaft grouting Uplift SLTs P16 No grouting Uplift SLTs Pile Length (m) Diameter (m) Concrete Compressive label type strength (kPa) P51 19.5 800 C50 50 P121 19.5 800 C50 50 P126 19.5 800 C50 50 P15 19.5 800 C50 50 P16 19.5 800 C50 50 TABLE 4: Pile capacity based on different methods.
Field geotechnical testing includes dynamic load tests, compressive and uplift static load tests, and O-Cell tests [8].
[27] has reported the static load test of postgrouted pile, whereas this paper examines both static and dynamic load tests of piles on the same case study.
With developing technology, dynamic load tests can provide good results with load transfer information.
This paper also provides dynamic load tests for load transfer mechanism analysis.
The dynamic load tests were conducted on P121 and P126 for determination of load transfer behaviors.
The setup of dynamic load tests is illustrated in Figure 5.
Dynamic Load Tests. Two dynamic load tests were conducted on piles of P121 and P126.
For the friction resistance analysis of uplift load tests and compressive dynamic load tests, Table 6 demonstrates that base and shaft grouted piles possess better capacity than the base grouted piles (4850.0 > 4217.3) and piles without grouting (6299 > 5442).
This paper provides the setup of static and dynamic load tests and various methodologies which are used to determine the ultimate compressive and uplift bearing capacity under nonplunging failure conditions.