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'In dze garten zis morning,' proceeded his visitor, grinning like a gargoyle, 'I did zee you giss Violed.
But she do push dze zide of my face, and my lof is durned to hate.'
'Dere some hard vord vos,' said Adolf, patiently, 'of which I gannot dze meaning.'
'But,' proceeded Adolf, 'of one vord, of dze vord "giss", I dze meaning know.
Brezendly, ven I haf dze zilver bolished und my odder dudies zo numerous berformed, I do Herr Blazzervig vil vith von liddle szdory vich you do know go.
It seems that in DZe there are no compounds having the suffix - inis, -e with the exception of words like dvylik-in-is, -e 'twelve years old', astuoniolik-in-is, -e 'eighteen years old', devyniolik-in-is, -e 'nineteen years old'.
Which world leader was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili in December, 1878?
Neichuriazo, Tenyimia Kelhou Dze, Ura Academy Publications, Kohima, 1989.
n Cup Georgian backrow Mamuka Gorgodze punched the goalpost padding as Sexton's kick sailed over, and it krow dze alas k was hard not to sympathise with the man who was named manof-the-match for an all-round performance.
Dze dzah da-aah staiyuh-tseh eh tyaanuh, dzah dze guuwah eh-teh 'yaa-nih nu-deh ehku sku-stah tyanuh.
Stalin was born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili on 18 December, 1878 to a cobbler in Gori.
(13) 'Jam dbyangs chos kyi grags pa, dPyal pa'i lo rgyus kyi yi ge (p.411 lines 5-6): "The king of the land of Ma ga dha invited [dPyal Chos bzang] to the Dze ba na ga ra palace and placed him upon his crown.