E=mc2[not an acronym] Einstein's equation showing that Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared
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It took the team a little over a month to construct and test E=MC2, and they said they have been getting good feedback from their folks.
"Being compact and lightweight, E=MC2 can be set up even in the most remote corners of Dubai, making it accessible to a large number of the population.
They argue how Hasenohrl's work, for which he now receives little credit, may have contributed to the famous equation E=mc2.
In 1905, Einstein gave the correct relationship between inertial mass and electromagnetic energy, E=mc2. Nevertheless, it was not until 1911 that German physicist Max von Laue generalised it to include all forms of energy.
The Centre and its Opposite, meanwhile - fusing rapid-fire classical ballet with hard-edged contemporary dance against an electronic soundscape - just premiered this summer, followed by E=mc2 in September.
In his E=mc2, mass, weight, speed and light are all there in what Bintley describes as "a very theatrical piece, characterised by extreme lighting effects" against a smoke-filled stage.
I landed in the theological arms of God talk, which is the equivalent of Einstein's E=MC2.
It is to measure space, E=MC2 it is whatever we do to calibrate the mystery of time made precious by its passing.
Overall, even though it's too hit and miss for greatness, E=MC2 should boost Mariah's already fruitful career.
Although physicists have since validated Einstein's equation in countless experiments and calculations, and many technologies including mobile phones and GPS navigation depend on it, University of Arizona physics professor Lebed has stirred the physics community by suggesting that E=mc2 may not hold up in certain circumstances.