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EPÜEuropäisches Patentübereinkommen (German: European patent convention )
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The extraction percentages for the Fern and E Pluribus Unum ores were not particularly low but the residue grade is still high and suggests further treatment may improve the extraction.
E Pluribus Unum is a motto found on dimes as well as dollars.
It was best said a long time ago, E Pluribus Unum Out of Many, One.
Inscriptions include United States of America, E Pluribus Unum, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the respective denomination of each coinFive Dollars for the gold coin, One Dollar for the silver coin, and Half Dollar for the clad coin.
Inscriptions are ELLIS ISLAND, NEW JERSEY, 2017, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.
The Migration Policy Institute today honored Citi with the 2012 E Pluribus Unum Prizes Corporate Leadership Award for its work to help remove financial barriers to naturalization for eligible United States immigrants and economically empower underserved individuals and communities.
As our first national motto - E Pluribus Unum - put it, we are one nation out of many peoples.
Before Al's speech that we should all come together in the spirit of oneness and unity, I had frankly given up on the transformative powers of Al, George, E Pluribus Unum, Per Curiam, Ad Nauseum, Et Al and their frequent flier program.