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E-1First Enlisted Rank (US DoD)
E-1Enlisted, Grade 1 [also -2 through -9]
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CSCI E-1 is part of the Harvard Extension School's Distance Education Program, which allows students to take this course for credit via the Internet.
Each card operates independently, monitoring the T-1 or E-1 circuits and determining the best path, based on user supplied parameters.
The excess interest payments that are allocated to class E of the RTC transaction are allocated pro-rata to the class E-1 and E-2 of the Lehman 1996-1 transaction.
We have seen a rise in demand for E-1 metro transport due to increased traffic from Latin America, which is projected to grow by 93% over the next four years," said Ron Mudry, Progress Telecom's president and CEO.
The close spatial and quantitative relationship in the E-1 anomalies among zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron, arsenic and sulphur, favours the interpretation that these elements were transported and deposited simultaneously and by the same process.
Abstract: Extended Local Drug Delivery Using PROStent E-1 to Reduce Frequency of Restenosis; D.
Due to the re-remic nature of the certificates E-1 and E-2, Fitch relies on performance information available for RTC 94-C1.
Ron Weaver, Franklin's vice president of worldwide sales, stated, "The E-1 interface means that Franklin can efficiently serve the rest of the worldwide market, i.