E-3European (Signal Level 3)
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Aircrew training of E-3 flight crews - including pilot, navigator and flight engineer stations - takes place at an L-3 Link facility in Oklahoma City, OK that is adjacent to Tinker Air Force Base.
At L-3 Link it remains our goal on the E-3 Contractor Training and Simulation Services program to provide the Air Force with a superb learning environment that continues to produce highly qualified Sentry flight crew personnel," said David Williams, Vice President of Training Services at L-3 Link Simulation and Training.
The program's two high fidelity E-3 AWACS operational flight trainers enable aircrews to practice takeoffs, landings, aerial refuelings and emergency procedures.
The E-3 AWACS provides worldwide response for the all-altitude "deep look" surveillance, early warning, control and airborne management for theater battle management forces at the direction of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Raytheon has been the incumbent contractor for E-3 flight crew training since 1993 and provides similar services for E-6 TACAMO, C-130 H2/H3 and RC/OC/WC-135 aircraft.
The expected rating for the series 1B & series 2B notes is based on the aforementioned credit enhancements provided to the series 1A & 2A notes excluding the credit enhancement provided by the subordination of the subordinated Masterfund E-3 certificates.
Air Force E-3 flight crews support the nation's worldwide airborne warning and control system.
In support of the program, which is operated out of Tinker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City, Hughes Training is providing academic and simulation training for Air Force and Navy pilots, navigators and flight engineers who fly either the E-3 or E-6.
Also as part of this contract, Hughes Training provides maintenance of E-3 and E-6 training devices and four modified Boeing 707 aircraft used as in-flight trainers.
The paintings depict a variety of ground and flight crew training activities in the E-3 and E-6 aircraft and represent the dual nature of Hughes Training's responsibilities in both the Air Force and Navy training areas.
The paintings will hang prominently in the Jerry Auth Flight Training Center, where all E-3 flight crew academic and flight simulator training takes place, and in the STRATCOMMWING ONE headquarters building, home to E-6 flight crew training.