E-3ASentry; AWACS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) Aircraft
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Canadian aircrews have worked aboard the NATO E-3A Airborne Early Warning Radar System aircraft for more than 25 years.
Fred, CPI Aero's CEO and President, stated, "CPI Aero was awarded its first nose cowl assembly contract for the E-3A back in August 2000.
The modernization effort to the E-3A flight simulators will ensure concurrency with the upgrades currently being performed on NATO's fleet of E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft.
As part of their airborne warning and control mission, systems are created to enable the E-3As identify friendly military and civilian aircraft
NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, Germany, home to the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control (NAEW&C) Force E-3A Component.
Over the course of Operation Eagle Assist, more than 820 military members and civilians from all thirteen nations represented in the E-3A component were deployed to Tinker Air Force Base to support the mission.
Air Force E-3B/C and 17 NATO E-3A Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) aircraft.
Information Space and Defense Systems, Seattle is being awarded a $20,532,130 contract modification for the NATO E-3A Airborne Warning and Control System Mid-Term Modernization Programme resolution of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources issues.
The Gulf War and more recent conflicts in the former Yugoslavia have demonstrated the effectiveness of airborne surveillance provided by E-3A Awacs and E-8C Joint Stars aircraft.
Under this contract, Hazeltine will upgrade the existing NATO E-3A aircraft fleet and mission simulators with color display and data processing capability as part of the alliance's overall Airborne Early Warning Modernization Program.
The Reserve Associate Program trains Reserve aircrews and maintenance personnel to fly and maintain more than 300 active duty aircraft, including the C-5, C-9, C-17, C-141, E-3A, F16C, KC-10.
The Reserve Associate Program trans reserve Airmen to fly and maintain more than 300 active duty aircraft, including the C-5, C-17, E-3A, F-16C, KC-10, T-1, T-37, T-38 and AT-38.