E-CASE-Client Application Status (Canadian immigration online service)
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The E-CAS project comprises two phases of NSF-funded, campus-based research that will be supported in part through contributions from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to produce a deeper understanding of the use of cloud computing in accelerating scientific discoveries.
The successful proposals for the year-long first phase of the E-CAS project are:
Working with Internet2 and the National Science Foundation on E-CAS we are able to help these institutions gain access to the cutting-edge cloud computing technology they need to further ground-breaking discoveries through research.
submitter's local time on February 1, 2019 via the E-CAS project website.
The E-CAS project has two phases of funded campus-based projects addressing the acceleration of science.
"The E-CAS project has the potential to not only demonstrate the effectiveness of current commercial cloud computing services in supporting a range of applications that are important to the science and engineering research communities, but also to enable these communities to leverage the innovative technologies and capabilities to significantly accelerate scientific discoveries," said Manish Parashar, director of NSF's Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure.
The cooperation with Internet2 on E-CAS represents one of several recent investments made by NSF in collaboration with cloud computing providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.