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E-CASHElectronic Cash
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The e-Cash card is available to all corporates in Oman and the top-up facility will be available at BankMuscat branches.
E-cash products also have had little impact in the United States.
Then, after I used a friend's address in a faraway country to get through the registration process, Kenny's e-cash setup wouldn't accept any of my credit cards - probably because they have U.
E-cash products have also had little impact in the United States.
At a seminar on the future of the electronic purse in Amsterdam last week, Paris-based Bull Information Systems clearly signaled that it is ready for the e-cash revolution, even if the market isn't.
A withdrawal involves a future payer and the issuer of e-cash, called bank in the following, and loads e-cash into the payer's purse.
In most cases, e-cash is the liability of the issuer.
Through this collaboration, ENOC and DFWC will distribute 150 'Al Afdal' e-cash cards by Union Cooperative, where each card will be topped up with AED 500, for families to purchase products sold at the Union Cooperative's branches across the UAE.
Also joining the three-day sales are utility companies such as Globe through their Globe E-Cash and LBC.
According to the new system, patients will pay for all outpatient services by credit, debit or e-cash card.
It highlights the Nationwide BS e-cash ISA offering 2.