E-CAfElderly Patients with Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
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e-CAF Increases the Proportion of [alpha]SMA-Positive ADSC.
e-CAF Upregulates the Expression of [alpha]SMA in ADSC.
In this work, an extract obtained from the eggs of the mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa (e-CAF) has been tested on human ADSC cultures in order to assess its effects on this cell lineage which may give rise to cells with cutaneous phenotype.
The growth of the cultures exposed to e-CAF was measured by RTCA.
The observed tendency to change the spindle-shaped characteristic of ADSC [15] to a more polyhedral one, with a prominent cytoskeleton, and the reduced proliferation rate suggested a possible effect of e-CAF favoring differentiation of ADSC towards myofibroblast lineage.
Being myofibroblasts as one of the main ECM-secreting cells, the inductive effect upon ADSC of e-CAF towards this lineage could be beneficial in the treatment of cutaneous aging.
Since the activity of these stem cells can be so beneficial to ameliorate the effects of skin aging, resident ADSC from the perivascular hypodermis emerge as a potential target for antiaging treatments, such as e-CAF.
Our results show that e-CAF promotes ADSC differentiation to myofibroblasts and should be considered as a potential agent for the prevention and treatment of skin aging.
e-CAF used in this research was kindly provided by Industrial Pharmacy Cantabria, S.A.
Caption: Figure 1: Effects of e-CAF on ADSC growth.
Caption: Figure 2: Effects of e-CAF on ADSC size and morphology.