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E-COMElectronic Computer Originated Mail
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The proposed system, E-COM, short for "electronic computer originated mail," sought both to secure a presence for USPS in the expanding electronic communications market, and to cushion future erosion of mail volume.
Indeed, E-COM appeared to be a conservative move; rather than attempting to extend monopoly privileges to the electronic domain, it was intended to compete with a range of somewhat similar private services.
Saab and E-COM have great technological synergies and Saab has the sales and marketing resources needed in this highly competitive market.
Country: , Czech RepublicSector: Aerospace/Defence, IT/Online ServicesTarget: E-COM Buyer: Saab ABType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Originally established as Autosell in 1997, Warwickshire-based E-COM Multi Limited collects information from some 4,500 franchised automotive dealers as well as a large number of finance houses and manufacturers.
E-COM has delivered many different simulators to the Czech armed forces and has achieved export success to customers in the US, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.