E-GFREstimates of Glomerular Filtration Rate
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Results: Mean e-GFR (ml/min/1.73m2) was lowest in cystatin C based CKD-EPI equation (89.56 +- 39.84) followed by combined cystatin C and creatinine based CKD-EPI (92.34 +- 37.88).
Therefore, e-GFR estimated by serum cystatin C based CKD-EPI formula is a better option for assessing the renal status in patients of early DKD.
Keywords: Cystatin C, Diabetic kidney disease, e-GFR.
Cystatin C based GFR and creatinine based e-GFR were calculated by the specific equations by online e-GFR calculator by National Kidney Foundation:
* E-GFR = 186 x (serum creatinine (mg/l))-1.154 x age-0.203.
* E-GFR = 127.7 x (Cystatin C in mg/l)-1.17x x (age in years)-0.13 x (x 0.91 if female).
* E-GFR = 141 x min(SCr/K, 1)[alpha] xmax(SCr /K, 1)-1.209 x0.993Age x1.018 [if female] x1.159 [if Black].
This is because absolute creatinine values alone with overall e-GFRs are probably not sensitive enough to detect loss of function in individual kidneys.
e-GFR (CG)= [(140-Age) * Mass (in kg)] \ [72 * Serum creatinine (in mg/dL).
TABLE 2: Median, 25th, and 75th percentiles of plasma NGAl (pNGAL), urinary NGAL (uNGAL), plasma creatinine (pCrea), and e-GFR in Group A patients with and without AKI diagnosis.
Sixteen patients had a 2nd i-GFR [31.0 (18.0) mL * [min.sup.-1] * (1.73 [m.sup.2).sup-1] vs 36.1 (14.0) at baseline, not significant (NS)], and an e-GFR determination 2 years later to test whether e-GFR changes correlated to i-GFR changes [-5.1 (17.5) mL* [min.sup.-1] *(1.73 [m.sup.2).sup-1]].
The performances of the CG, MDRD, and composite e-GFR in the 76 patients with diabetes and CKD.