E-GPSEnhanced Global Positioning System
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Our starting point with E-GPS was the end-user experience," said Chris Wade, chief executive officer, CPS.
E-GPS delivers the required quality of end-user experience through a powerful combination of satellite-based and terrestrial location measurements from the GSM network.
The S788 which will be readied for launch later this year, has improved battery performance, as E-GPS requires only 1 percent of the effort of traditional GPS devices, which use up valuable power searching for satellite signals.
Combining complementary technologies to create E-GPS is very much what the CPS 'Matrix Everywhere' vision is about.
The product portfolio extends to Matrix 3G and E-GPS -- a powerful combination of Matrix and GPS technology.
Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to the inability of Trimble and CPS to develop, and/or bring to market, jointly developed products due to technological difficulties, cost concerns or business disagreements between the parties; obtaining certifications and type approvals for the products; the available supply of products; market acceptance by mobile device manufacturers and network operations of the E-GPS technology and the products; and the non-exclusive nature of the relationship between the parties and resulting ability of CPS to partner with other GPS companies, to the detriment of the Trimble and CPS joint arrangement.