E-GUNElectronic Gun
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The structure and behavior of Si[O.sub.2]/Ge multilayers deposited by e-gun on Si substrate is explored after annealing at 800[degrees]C in flowing N2 atmosphere.
Bernstorff, "Study of the interface layers between Si nanoparticles and Si[O.sub.2] matrix deposited by e-gun evaporation," Physica Status Solidi (b) --Basic Solid State Physics, p.
This was accomplished with the development of an e-gun design that removes the link between the energy of the electrons and the ionization efficiency by introducing an additional electrostatic element between the e-gun and the ion chamber.
The Thermionics Triad e-Gun source is mounted on a 19-in O.D.
These e-gun sources use compact, high-efficiency magnet arrangements and shorter beam paths (~220 [degrees]).
The High-Capacity Rotary (HCR series) e-Gun evaporation source from Thermionics Vacuum Products features 270 [degrees] beam deflection and 7-cc to 320-cc crucible capacity.
This heating is accomplished using electron-beam evaporators like Thermionics' e-GUN that won an R&D 100 Award in 1990.