E-GovElectronic Government
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and (ii) Explore the relationships of their predisposition to use e-gov services with the abovementioned categories.
E-Gov Systems said that the acquisition allows it the ability to build upon current tax portal offerings and provide a back-end collection system to new and existing clients.
These systems, based on the use of Information and Communication Technologies, and, in particular, the subsystems that provide the interface with citizens, are studied under the generic name of electronic government, or, in short, e-gov (DINIZ et al.
This came at the awareness campaign presented by E-gov.
This e-Gov Appstore has been designed, developed and hosted by DeitY through NIC.
Dans le meme cadre, le ministre de l'Industrie, du commerce et des nouvelles technologies, Abdelkader Amara, dans son mot d'ouverture, a signale que ce forum est, dans sa deuxieme edition, une occasion pour presenter les differentes realisations et les nouvelles perspectives du programme E-Gov et pour partager aussi les experiences internationales en la matiere.
One of the key Portal mechanisms is for the military services and defense agencies to upload e-Gov reporting data, allowing the Department to submit the information in a consistent, accountable manner.
According to speed-trap, its e-Gov intelligence pricing and service options have been tailored specifically for the local government market.
A 2004 Pew Internet & American Life Project survey report "How Americans Get in Touch with Government" found that 97 million adult Americans (77 percent of Internet users) participated in e-gov in 2003 by visiting Web sites or e-mailing government officials to conduct transactions (e.
For more information on the e-gov initiatives, visit www.
The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) at the State University of New York--Albany has announced the launch of e-Gov FirstStop, a knowledge-sharing partnership.
However, there does not seem to be a good, widely shared definition of what e-gov is, or more important what it can be.