E-IMETExpanded International Military Education and Training
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The E-IMET initiative is accomplished through educational programs in the United States offered by DOD and U.S.
E-IMET was to focus on teaching professional level management skills, improving the efficacy of military and judicial systems, and strengthening military codes of conduct.
Some countries with poor human rights records, such as Indonesia and Guatemala, were permitted to take only courses that qualified under the E-IMET program (this restriction was lifted from Indonesia in 2005).
Operationally, the team has facilitated the deployment of Air Force active duty personnel from multiple medical centers and US Army reservists in support of E-IMET courses to Bosnia, Chile, El Salvador, Russia, Turkey, and Czechoslovakia.
Soon, however, as other African nations came to the assistance of Laurent Kabila, the United States found itself in the position of providing military aid under both the E-IMET and JCET programmes.
Unlike the E-IMET stateside classroom lectures, this operation has involved at least thirty-six exercises with fully armed U.S.
Its focus would be similar to that of the E-IMET program, but with courses for key military and civil leaders with responsibilities for defense matters.
Unlike DIILS' traditional programs that fall under E-IMET, this seminar to New Delhi was part of the U.S.
Military and Government Inspector General Offices Slovenia Department of Defense Personnel Russia IMET, E-IMET and PME Re-orientation South Africa Finance and HR Training of New Commissioned Officers Argentina Professional Military Education Azerbaijan New Country Security Assistance Training Orientation Hungary New Ministry of Defense's Orientation to U.S.
This is no different for an international grant aid program such as Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET) which, as a segment of a broader International Military Education and Training (IMET) program is managed by the Department of Defense (DoD) with coordination and guidance from the Department of State (DoS).
The passage of this legislation, referred to as Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET), occurred in 1990.
The Expanded-IMET (E-IMET) program provides excellent training opportunities for mid-to-high level civilian personnel and further strengthens a productive civil-military relationship.