E-IMETExpanded International Military Education and Training
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Timing is a key element; and the promotion of E-IMET benefited from events of the day, which helped it gain even more support in the Legislative and Executive branches of the U.
First of all, E-IMET was not perceived as controversial; it was seen as way for the U.
The Administration implemented E-IMET during FY 91.
Its focus would be similar to that of the E-IMET program, but with courses for key military and civil leaders with responsibilities for defense matters.
Because it emphasizes professionalization and values, E-IMET should be particularly effective over time, especially for reaching senior ranks, and should promote such aspects as civilian control of the military, the military as guarantor of the constitution, respect for democratic processes and for the rule of law, preservation of human rights, and removal of the military from a country's economic life.
The traditional goal, intact but evolving with the post-Cold War period, has been supplemented with the E-IMET scheme.
Stressing civilian attendance, approximately 42 of those 117 can be paid for by E-IMET funds only if it is a civilian attendee.
It is important to note that the DoD and DoS may recommend and/or Congress may choose to legislate limitations for the usage of IMET funds, making them only available for the country to use on E-IMET courses, or not include a particular country within the IMET budget for a period of time (the ultimate sanction).
worked with each of the services to find programs that could take the concept of E-IMET from drawing board to implementation.
Lee, the Defense Resource Management Institute, and courses taught at other schools that offer E-IMET training.
Through the ingenuity and dedication of the original staff, DIILS launched a training program that now is the world's largest provider of E-IMET, conducting 451 programs for 13,688 participants in 75 countries from Albania to Zimbabwe.
Interagency cooperation is a priority for future security assistance training, and DIILS is leading the E-IMET charge.