E-LMOExpedited Labour Market Opinion (Canada)
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Again, however, I find that the rise in the unemployment rate accelerated in the two western provinces during the E-LMO pilot project (Table 4, bottom panel).
When I estimate the impact of the E-LMO project on the unemployment rate separately for the two western provinces, I find, not surprisingly, that it is smaller for Alberta (3.
In sum, there was no obvious shortage of labour, especially of workers with low skills levels, in the two western provinces during the course of the E-LMO pilot project, and making it easier for employers there to access TFWs did increase the unemployment rate among domestic workers.
In the 2002-06 period, before the E-LMO pilot project was in place, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick had the lowest number of TFWs per thousand employed people (about 2.
The analysis compares changes in unemployment in 2002-06, before the E-LMO was implemented, and when it was in place (2007-10) using the difference-in-difference.
The binary variable Dt captures effects that might have affected changes in unemployment rates starting at the same time as the E-LMO pilot project.
k,t] captures the effect of the E-LMO pilot project in Alberta and British Columbia.
Table B-1: E-LMO Occupations and Unemployment Rate Categories Occupation Skill Unemployment Rate, Level NOC-S 2006 Categories Mechanical engineers, civil A C engineers, electrical and electronics engineers, petroleum engineers.
The methodology is difference-in-difference analysis in this case, since outcomes are unemployment changes in occupation categories covering listed occupations in E-LMO for the treatment group (Alberta and British Columbia) and the reference group (other provinces) before (2003-06) and during the implementation of E-LMO (2007-10).
16) Analyzing the speed of the change in unemployment allows one to control for various factors that generate different changes in unemployment independently of the E-LMO project.