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ÉLÉÉveil à la Lecture et à l'Écriture (French: Emergent Reading and Writing; Canada)
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the aim of the competition is to provide the e-learning environment as a service (saas) and related introduction, training, support services, and development, consulting and maintenance services as a continuous service.
Thus, we hope to make the best use of the advantages of a rich e-learning environment which aims at "anytime, anywhere and anybody" learning, because participants in lifelong learning for the knowledge society demand to learn at the right place and right time, and with learning content, they can select themselves.
Instructional engineering in networked environments takes the concept of designing content for an e-learning environment and shows how to use a flow chart-like methodology to create e-learning systems.
This means that all applications, course content, reports and testing, counseling, credits, and even club activities are fully accessible and operable in an e-learning environment.
We've worked hard to develop a fresh, practical e-learning environment.
This study investigates the students' attitudes towards the e-learning environment and its effects on the teaching and learning process.
BT will develop the e-learning environment in conjunction with Docent Inc and FM Systems.
Anil Aggarwal's Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges takes an interesting approach to providing the reader with many insights, viewpoints, and interpretations of the e-learning environment.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-31 August 2000-Motorola selects TechOnLine to develop e-learning environment (C)1994-2000 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
E-learning environment, please refer to the tender.
The handbook portion of the book concludes with an example of transforming an instructor-led course for an e-learning environment.