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E-MAILElectronic Mail
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Under AOL's plan, every message sent as preferred e-mail would be charged a fee of between one-quarter of a penny and one cent--based on volume--in exchange for special handling.
E-mail contains valuable business information that is accessed daily by business users and must be preserved for legal and regulatory reasons just like paper records.
Batching--you receive just one (or two) batches of e-mail a day, rather than having the notes come in one at a time.
You can use a series of e-mail commands or a Web interface.
Spam producers use databases of e-mail addresses collected from public Web sites, create mail lists, or purchase subscriber lists.
Your e-mail can be blacklisted by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Yahoo
According to Forrester Research, the e-mail marketing industry is expected to grow to almost $5 billion by 2004, from $26 million in 1996.
E-mail authentication does not replace anti-spam filters, since not all bulk commercial spammers send spoofed e-mail.
Corporate Microsoft Exchange messaging systems are growing at an exponential rate, as employees use e-mail as a business-critical communication tool.
Spam, also known as unsolicited e-mail and junk mail, has caused extraordinary damage to people and businesses.