E-NNIExternal Network-to-Network Interface
E-NNIExternal-Node-to-Node Interface (IEEE)
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Additionally, a project on OIF Neighbor Discovery plans to identify discovery requirements by OIF Carriers and expedite the deployments of OIF E-NNI and UNI standards in carrier optical transport networks.
This IA addresses updates for controlling and securing the generation, transport and storage of log data to enable an auditing capability for the OIF's UNI and E-NNI.
The seven test sites are linked by virtual, or real, E-NNI connections, forming a global test network topology.
Connectivity solutions featured include private E-NNI, Ethernet exchange and white-label approaches.
0 Ethernet over multiple SONET / SDH transport networks interconnected by control plane External Network-Network-Interfaces / E-NNI.
Further control plane work on new OTN features is in progress under a separate OIF project titled UNI Signaling and E-NNI Signaling/Routing IA - G.
0 release 2 and E-NNI, and will include testing of both the control and data plane.
Participating at Verizon's network laboratory (Waltham, Massachusetts) as part of the Optical Internetworking Forum's (OIF) 2009 Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration, Sycamore successfully demonstrated a wide range of Broadband On-Demand test configurations including dynamically switched Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL), end-to-end service restoration using E-NNI (External Network-to-Network Interface) 2.
The test sites are linked via virtual or real E-NNI connections, forming a global test network topology.
Participants are also demonstrating multi-domain end-to-end service restoration utilizing E-NNI between vendor domains.
The new E-NNI implementation agreement and multilayer interoperability are key to enabling end-to-end Ethernet services requests and auto provisioning.
End-to-end services across multiple transport technologies, E-NNI, and performance measurements are at the core of our business," said Matthias Homann, network architect at COLT, a member of EANTC's service provider panel.