E-PACElectronic Packaging and Assembly Concept
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Drop down out of the sky, park your E-Pac at the back of the library, plug it into themains to charge the battery for the return journey, grab a coffee on the way to work and the job's a good 'un.
The PxV4l4 flexible, scalable 4U open-architecture system, by PEP Modular Computers, not only accommodates two platform configurations and several 110 interfaces, it also boasts E-PAC construction, a lightweight, foam-based chassis and housing concept.
Tenders are invited for C&i-ii name of work: overhauling of all the c&i field equipment of coal mill reject system, ash handling system, wtp, cw/acw ph, air compressors, cooling tower of unit # 9 and overhauling of electrical e-pac actuators, installed at various places of bop area of 2x250mw units, htps during overhauling of unit n0#8.