E-Pass[not an acronym] Pre-Paid, Electronic Toll Payment Method for Toll Roads and Bridges (Florida)
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In the E-Pass, Dhurma is uniquely assigned the number 2021 to confirm her status as an indentured laborer bound for Fiji.
Assessment of the risk of postoperative delirium in elderly patients using E-PASS and the NEECHAM Confusion Scale.
With over 1,500 daily passes and an average of 150 visitor passes handled every day, the new 'e-Pass' system is expected to significantly reduce processing and waiting times for customers.
At the meeting, which took place on Saturday, March 10, 2018, the modernization and computerization of the Romanian consular network was presented, by implementing the Consular Information System E-Cons, publicly launched under the motto "Consulate, closer to your home", together with all the subsystems (E-Visa, E-Pass, National Visa Information System, Contact and Support Center for Foreign Citizens Abroad - Call Center and Mail-Center modules, Integrated Services Management for Citizens Services - SIMISC).
The meeting was also told that 16,709 E-pass books have also been registered through Kissan package.
Orbos said the system was somewhat similar to the e-pass scheme being implemented on expressways where vehicles passing through toll gates would be charged electronically.
The agreement also includes OOCEA's 10 toll plazas, 40 ramp plazas, two E-Pass Service Centers, and OOCEA's headquarters.
Tenders are invited for Digital Signature Certificate Class Iii From Licensed Certifying Agency With A Validity Of 02 Years Signing Only In Auto E-Pass Token Driver Integrated In Token Compatible With 32 Bit / 64 Bit Window Xp, 7 And 8 Operating System.
SARGODHA -- Over 5138 farmers have registered themselves for Kissan package in the district while E-pass books have been issued to 67 farmers so far.
Meanwhile, starting April 1, the old e-Pass system will be phased out.
One noteworthy ride is the region's expressway system, where an electronic toll payment device called E-PASS keeps people moving in the midst of tremendous growth and increased traffic.