E-Pass[not an acronym] Pre-Paid, Electronic Toll Payment Method for Toll Roads and Bridges (Florida)
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Commenting on the introduction of the e-Pass, Sultan Al Jaberi, the VP (Regulations and HSE) ADPC, said the new e-pass for daily and visitor passes offers customers a much easier and quicker process through Abu Dhabi's ports.
The e-PASS project is a scheme created by the Federal Government to make sure that all Non-ECOWAS immigrants that visit Nigeria with a Tourist or Business Visa and plan to stay beyond an aggregate of 56 days in a year are made to pay a certain amount of money as advised by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).
TransCore also designed, installed and now maintains the 195-lane, state-of-the-art E-PASS toll collection and traffic management system in Orange County as well as designed and installed all the hardware and software for the E-PASS and O-PASS customer service centers, which support both the Orlando-Orange County Expressway, Osceola Parkway, and three Florida Department of Transportation highways.
The Authority currently operates the E-PASS Operations Center which includes a Phone Center and VES.
The Founders E-Pass is a free virtual all-access-pass to curated entrepreneurial experiences in the Chicagoland community.
Recent Dallas-area projects include traffic engineering services for Texas Instruments; E-PASS traffic engineering services for DFW Airport; traffic analysis and parking design for Dallas Police Headquarters; and preliminary design of the proposed Dallas County Parking Garage in the West End Historical District.
Benitez, chairman of the House Committee on Housing and Urban Development, further said electronic toll systems have been put in place in some of the expressways like the E-Pass in the Southern Luzon Expressway and EC-Tag in the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to lessen the manual transaction of paying toll fees that causes bottlenecks in the SLEX and NLEX.
Payback Incentives was launched in 2006 while this marks the national debut of the Blue Sky e-Pass system.
We're very pleased to be associated with Genesis 2000, as an e-PASS partner," said WMC's President & CEO Scott McAfee.
Such type of highway tag brands are common in developed countries and are known by different names like Eazee Pass , SunPass in the US, e-Pass in Australia, Salik in Dubai etc.
Fitzgerald Group, an international marketing technology company, will introduce its latest online incentive tool, Blue Sky e-Pass, at The Motivation Show in Chicago October 5-6.
This provides a robust infrastructure for comprehensive audit capability, and E-PASS streamlines toll transaction processing.