E-REVExtended-Range Electric Vehicle
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For longer trips the Ampera's range extender engages - the name E-REV stands for Extended Range Electric Vehicle.
The claim that the E-REV can get the equivalent of more than 100 miles per gallon is based on an average over time, the company said.
Most likely, the E-REV H3 will find the same audience as the Volt: affluent hipsters who wish to flaunt their dedication to the environment.
Raser demonstrated its E-REV with Hummer at the 2009 SAE International World Congress in Detroit.
The Chevrolet Volt is leading a new era of electrification of the automobile by creating a new class of vehicle known as the Extended-Range Electric Vehicle, or E-REV.
And it promises more to come in 2012 with niche models such as the Ampera E-REV electric vehicle, a small SUV (sports utility vehicles), a Cabrio and a "Junior" in the wings.
* THE RAC is to stage a "Green" Grand Prix at Silverstone on October 12 with competitors driving the latest electric, plug-in hybrid and e-rev cars in a series of challenges to establish the UK's most energy-efficient driver.
The 2+2 grand touring coupe is to be equipped with a Voltec E-REV engine, and will be offered with an electric drive unit powered by a centrally mounted T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack, which can be supplemented with energy created on the fly using a four-cylinder petrol engine-generator.
Unlike a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Ampera's E-REV system uses its battery initially to provide power.
A VAUXHALL Ampera E-REV aims to set a landmark in British automotive history next Tuesday when it embarks on the longest single journey by an electric car in this country.
Vauxhall has also announced that its Ampera Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) will cost under pounds 30,000 when it hits UK showrooms in early 2012.
The company is also unveiling its Ampera Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) at the UK-based motor show.