E-TDMAExtended-Time Division Multiple Access (Ratelindo)
E-TDMAEnhanced-Time Division Multiple Access (Cellular Telephone)
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HNS' E-TDMA technology was chosen over all other telecommunications
engineers from three companies (HNS, Alcatel and BellSouth) conducted a number of tests to verify the quality, capacity and coexistence of E-TDMA with the current operational AMPS network.
The testing compared the voice quality of cellular telephone calls in analog, standard TDMA and E-TDMA modes.
E-TDMA uses speech interpolation, a technique that packetizes speech and assigns users and RF channel only when information (i.
E-TDMA is a potential digital operating standard developed by Hughes that could increase cellular network capacity by as much as 15 times over existing analog capabilities.
We're testing E-TDMA because we've got an obligation to provide our customers with the most advanced and efficient wireless services available.
BellSouth and Hughes began the field trial of E-TDMA last year when Hughes began installing its GMH2000(TM) Cellular Telephone System alongside BellSouth Cellular's existing mobile telecommunications system in Mobile.
We are looking forward to implementing E-TDMA on this landmark network.
The multimode radio channel units in the GMH2000 base transmitter station (BTS) are designed to be dynamically software-configurable for analog, IS-54 digital or E-TDMA operation.
We're looking at a number of ways to expand the capacity of our wireless communications networks, and E-TDMA, as the second generation of the TDMA standard, has the potential to dramatically improve those capabilities," said Eric Ensor, assistant vice president of BSE's Worldwide Wireless Strategy Group.
Developed by HNS, E-TDMA is an extension of the current TDMA industry standard, the adopted digital standard of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).
The GMH2000 system is designed to accommodate older analog customer equipment as well as new digital systems, allowing for the universal introduction of E-TDMA cellular service wherever AMPS-based systems are deployed.