E-TVEnhanced Television
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Until this migrates onto digital, it can't take advantage of E-TV.
E-TV could indeed prove a "killer" application -- taking the life out of the company's beleaguered bottom line applying it.
E-TV, South Africa based satellite television company, has teamed up with Mobi Television, to unveil a channel in Zambia in May, in 2012.
According to E-TV, the channel will broadcast local content to fulfill Zambian requirements.
Malebo Phage, a consultant for E-TV, stated that, in past 10 years, E-TV has been on an aggressive development programme, in which it has set up channels in Botswana, Ghana and Kenya, among others.
According to Ria Bonthuys, who will become CEO of E-TV Zambia, the channel will also use the proficiency of Zambia Daily Mail journalists to analyze news worthy issues aired on the channel.