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E-UTRAEvolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
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A set of network signaled values is defined based on the E-UTRA band, the channel bandwidth, and the number of resource blocks in use.
The initial focus of this forthcoming cooperation is to demonstrate over the air interoperability between picoChip eNodeB and Wavesat UE with both TDD and FDD modes of operation on a range of E-UTRA bands.
Enhanced the Trillium LTE software suite - including Diameter, GTP, eGTP, LTE MAC, LTE PDCP, LTE RLC, LTE RRC, S1AP and X2AP - to support the latest 3GPP March 2009 specifications known as 3GPP E-UTRA (LTE)
In a separate announcement made today, Continuous Computing also disclosed that its Trillium LTE software now supports the latest March 2009 3GPP E-UTRA LTE specifications.
BERLIN & SAN DIEGO -- Continuous Computing([R]), the only company deploying uniquely architected systems comprised of telecom platforms and Trillium([R]) software, today announced from the LTE World Summit 2009, held in Berlin, Germany from May 18-20, that its recently updated Trillium Long Term Evolution (LTE) software suite supports the 3rd Generation Partnership Project's (3GPP) March 2009 specifications known as 3GPP E-UTRA (LTE).