E-VALUEExpected Value
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Query sequences were evaluated and compared with the database sequences based on the following criteria: query coverage, e-value, and percent identity.
For this purpose, we aligned the Illumina GA reads of each yak gut microbial sample onto SILVA rRNA database, using a 1e-10 e-value, [greater than or equal to]60% identity threshold and a minimum of 50 bp alignment length, and determined the proportion of the genomes covered by the reads that aligned onto only a single position in the set.
The SMART analysis reveals that CcWap65 encoded polypeptide contains three Hemopexin-like repeats (E-value < 0.05) (Fig.
A total of 49,670 (55.0%) and 48,671 (53.9%) of all contigs showed significant similarities (e-value [less than or equal to] [le.sup.-5]) to protein sequences in the nr and UniRef90 databases, respectively (Table 2).
All assembled contigs were then compared to the Ensembl proteins of zebrafish and Mexican tetra using BLASTX with an E-value cut-off of 1e-5.
Pfam searching identified a conserved cold shock DNA-binding domain (Clan #CL0021) within the N-terminal region of Dm-Csp1 with a significant E-value score of 2.9E - 25.
Of the genes that could be identified when BLASTed against NCBI, twice as many were affected by tidal versus photoperiodic conditions (e-values <1.0E - 4; Table 3).
Annotation of the HV-CV1 capsid gene required use of HHBlits (https://toolkit.tuebingen.mpg.de/liliblits), a more sensitive algorithm (E-value 1.2E-06, probability of 97.2%).
"This profit share is payable to all Tigo Pesa users including individual customers, retail agents and our business partners each based on the e-value they have stored in their Tigo Pesa wallets," Laiser said.
altaica cDNA library revealed that 149 (40.8%) of them were classified as strong matches to sequences in the non-redundant protein database (Nr) for the highest match with a E-value less than 10-25 meanwhile 180 (49.3%) ESTs were nominal with E-value for the highest match between 10-10 and 10-25 and 36 (9.9%) ESTs were weak with E-value for the highest match greater than 10-10 or no significant similarity to sequences in the database.