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The current plan is to gradually ramp up production to around 5,000 units a year, and eventually replace up to 30,000 of DPDHL's delivery vans with StreetScooter e-vans. Edenhofer said no decisions had yet been made on whether StreetScooter would eventually sell e-vehicles to third parties.
Provided its StreetScooters can be produced cheaply enough compared to the alternative of buying e-vans from established auto makers, the bottom line of the world's biggest delivery services company stands to benefit from producing its own delivery vehicles -- whether or not it eventually adds profits from sales of e-vans to third parties.
Rotary 101, which claims to be "the most awarded" club in the Philippines, partnered with Rotarians in the US to raise funds for e-van, which is expected to have a lifespan of three years.
The assumption of the "e-VAN" program is the development of an innovative, emission-free delivery vehicle.
The innovative e-VAN program is another example of an initiative related to the popularization of electric transport in our country.
The e-VAN program, which assumes the development of zero-emission utility vehicles that can be used in the energy sector in the distribution segment, is an innovative initiative.
The division currently operates nine commuter routes, nine local routes, two reverse commuter routes, one deviated fixed route, a weekend shuttle service and the e-van paratransit service.