E-ZEngdahl-Zigangirov (bound)
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Print E-Z also offers QuickBooks checks that are preprinted to match a company's QuickBooks software specifications at a discounted price, often 70% lower than other computer checks suppliers.
Costumer Heather Dunbar dresses the characters--teenager E-Z (Gaius Charles) and middle-aged Malcolm (James McDaniel)--in soiled clothes, like they've been stranded for weeks.
E-Z Data is pleased to be working closely with IBM as an 'industry optimized' partner, and we have already seen a high level of value from our collaboration," said Muthu Arumugham, Vice President Technology, E-Z Data.
In addition to its expanded product range, Print E-Z also recently unveiled a suite of new customer service policies, designed to help its client base save on commercial business forms and affordable wedding invitations.
Made from sturdy and cut-resistant press paperboard with a non-stick interior, Hefty(R) E-Z Ovenware(R) Casserole Pans can be used in conventional ovens up to 425 degrees and are microwave safe.
To deliver E-Z D2D2T Solutions, Exabyte thoroughly tested products from Adaptec and BakBone with its own tape autoloaders and put together three "soft" bundles - entry-level, mid-range, and performance options - that can be easily ordered from direct marketers or resellers.
User group sessions include detailed training videos developed with the support team at E-Z Data, as well as open discussions on how to apply each feature to GE Financial's own business processes.
We are excited to announce the first national roll-out of Reel E-Z Display as a simple, effective and safe solution to managing ceiling signage," said Annette Ricci, president of Reel E-Z Display.
The E-Z Window Escape, a newly patented technology, distinguishes itself from existing systems currently on the market in that it utilizes no computerized Central Processing Unit (CPU) to activate the lowering of passenger windows.
E-Z Data's solutions are designed to help advisors build the trust of their clients and uncover new opportunities for revenue.
The E-Z Edge Sharpener is designed to sharpen blades while the trimmer is on-line.
Additional enhancements are in development in the base CDS system, as well as in a number of product modules, including Investment Tracking, Commission Tracking, Pending Case Management, E-Z Mobile, and E-Z Mobile for Pocket PC.