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E-ZINEElectronic Magazine
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To launch the e-zine, Mace and his son printed 400 fliers, went to southwest Washington, D.
More information about Jay Huling and his free e-zine The Huling Letter is available at www.
There are a lot of good e-zines out there," said Tyler.
A "free on free" offer means you are giving away a free report or other bonus content to people who sign up for your free e-zine.
Invite students to bring popular children's magazines to school to give ideas about different segments that could be used in the e-zine.
We've already had 1,000 individuals sign-up to receive the E-zine and I'm sure this number will triple over the next six weeks," said Jill.
Since the mid-April unveiling, the e-zine has been viewed by more than 25,000 people worldwide.
The number of times each respondent received an e-zine with a highly personalized third article served as our manipulation of personalization (four levels: from 0 to 3).
The e-zine DailyCandy, for instance, has become required reading for those who want to know the "buzz before the buzz.
Look at the type of medium (print, online, broadcast), media outlet (newspaper, television, e-zine, newsletter), geographic representation (city, state, local, regional, national), as well as penetration.
com for news about capoeira; to subscribe to the monhtly e-zine, Planet Capoeira: and to join Capoeira Online, a Web community of capoeira enthusiasts.
Again, this e-zine is an experiment to explore how we can present special items of interest in a format that is increasingly popular among reader audiences.