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E-DayExecution Day (of ATO)
E-DAYExercise Start Date
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e-Day will help Ireland continue its progression towards e-payments and create a safer and less expensive payments environment.
I feel we've done a great job in illustrating important science concepts in a simple way," said Azhar Khan, the chairperson of E-Day.
ANIMAL MAGIC: Mary Walker of Holme with some of the puppets she is taking to E-Day (AC110909Bmar y-02)
Pritchard Capital's commitment to its clients begins every morning before the trading day begins with the Pritchard Capital E-Day which covers all the essential news and views in the energy sector that will move the market that day.
E-Day ran for a 24-hour period from 6pm last Wednesday to highlight how much energy could be saved if people switched off electrical appliances they have finished using.
Tomorrow's E-Day aims to show how small reductions in energy consumption and waste can add up and potentially play a part in tackling climate change.
The best bit is that you can get direct feedback on the results of your actions on national electricity demand online - just visit the E-Day website at www.
The objective was to detect any disparity in the pattern of the relationship before and after the E-day.
Superquinn said its freeze would operate from E-Day, January 1, until February 9, when the Irish currency is phased out and trading will be in the euro only.
Philip Hammell, chairman of the Euro Changeover Board of Ireland, said yesterday that the big switch would happen as people went about their normal business, adding: "We envisage that the bulk of cash transactions will be made in Europe within two weeks of E-Day.
So, it's E-Day plus six: Do you know who your president-elect is?