E-palElectronic Pal
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He gets rid of both his e-pal and the porn or he will find himself out the house.
In October, the teacher E-pals were supposed to begin corresponding via E-mail, and to plan the initial student interactions.
Teacher E-pals were supposed to use electronic dialoguing to share ideas and resources.
Toward the end of the year, the teachers at both schools would prepare a videotaped presentation that would finally allow the students to see and hear their E-pals.
The bigger problem began when communication between the teacher E-pals did not go as planned.
Meanwhile, communication between the principal E-pals had begun and was going well.
Limited communication between the teacher E-pals was eventually established and the students were assigned E-pals.
As of late January, all of the students in the local school still had not heard from their E-pals for the first time, as indicated by the following local teacher's journal entries:
The local teachers were given a half-day planning time to discuss ideas and to brainstorm writing prompts to which the student E-pals would respond.