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E.G.Exempli Gratia (Latin: For Example)
E.G.Emergency Generator
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* Awards and honors for outstanding achievements in nursing (e.g., FAAN, FACHE)
In fact, the grouping of characiforms, gymnotiforms and siluriforms in a monophyletic unit has been strongly and repeatedly supported by numerous morphological (e.g. Fink, 1981, 1996; Lauder & Liem; Arratia, 1992; this study) and molecular (e.g.
Generally, 50% of a student's income (e.g., from the sale of investment assets) is presumed to be available to fund college expenses, while the parents' income is assessed at rates from 22%-47%.
They were further asked about their attitudes toward homework using a five-item scale (e.g., "doing homework helps you learn study skills" and "doing homework helps you develop good discipline").
LA/ 02 (aerobic) System--provides energy for approximately 1 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes (e.g., up to approximately 800 meters).
* Check out the online catalogues of church and non-profit Organizations which suggest alternative gifts: e.g. Christmas cards and HIV-AIDS bracelets from Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (www.pwrdf.org), the Bishops' Blend fair trade coffee gift box and other gift items that benefit children and families living in poverty worldwide are available at Episcopal Relief and Development (www.er-d.org or request a catalogue at 877-469-1431); get more ideas from www.leprosy.ca, www.unicef.ca, www.oxfam.org, www.beyondborders.net and www.worldvision.ca.
Except in rare cases of anarithmetria (difficulty retrieving previously mastered basic arithmetic facts), which is associated with damage to the posterior region of the left hemisphere usually acquired via trauma/ illness (Geary, 1993), one would expect that students whose MLDs are associated primarily with attention, organization, or recall would verify those difficulties not only on standardized assessments (e.g. WRAML: Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, (Adams & Sheslow, 1990)) but in other academic areas as well.
In the field of career counseling, life roles have been the basis of numerous applications dealing with adolescent career development (Amatea & Cross, 1986), university students (Anderson, 1995), adults (Chiappone, 1989), women's issues (Crozier, 1999), dual-career couples (Hall & Huenefeld, 2002), and families (MacDermid, Leslie, & Bissonnette, 2001), as well as international applications (e.g., Stead & Watson, 1998).
Some programs also try to teach typical office "culture" (e.g. attire, business etiquette).
For smoothness of expression, pay attention to verb tense: past tense (e.g., "the student completed") or present perfect tense (e.g., "counselors have shown") when writing the literature review, the description of the procedure of past events, and the results; present tense to discuss the results, conclusions, and recommendations.
The production process consists primarily of injection molding the lenses (e.g., the two-colored Astra lamps are molded with a polymethylmethacrylate material; in one area of the lens small polymer particles with a different refraction index are injected into the base material so that the area appears to be frosted glass; this is said to be the first such application of the material in a mass produced vehicle); vacuum metalizing the reflectors, and assembling the products.
Sensitive data is information that is proprietary to an organization (e.g. financials, intellectual property).