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Since a number of states restrict the sale of some gasoline-ethanol blends, state law changes may also be needed before E15 may be sold in those states.
The study concludes that gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol (E15) caused mechanical and performance failures in two of eight vehicle models tested.
The very reason for EPA banning the sale of E15 fuel in the summer months was due to concerns that it contributed to smog on hot days.
However, RFA points out that only 0.6 percent of those stations branded by the largest petroleum producers stock E15 or E85, compared to the 2.3 percent to 3.5 percent of independent stations that stock higher ethanol blends.
Ethanol advocacy groups, as well as retailers already offering E15, have rejected these allegations as false.
Renewable fuels company Pacific Ethanol Inc (Nasdaq:PEIXD) said on Tuesday that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the improved label for fuel dispensers that carry ethanol blends of up to 15% (E15), thus opening new markets for ethanol.
Beyond that penalty, however, lies a more serious concern, and that is the corrosive effects E15 will have on engines and related components on vehicles built prior to 2007.
The planned barter has definitively fallen through," the source, a dealer requesting anonymity, told E15.
The new progressive pricing system, designed to reward supporters who acquire their tickets in advance of these fixtures, will also see tickets available for e10, e15 and e20 at different stages in the run up to the finals and for e25 on the day of the matches.