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E2AEnd to Anywhere
E2AEdited to Add (Internet forum slang)
E2AEnd to Anywhere (Orbix platform)
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This report used a case-study methodology which is based on the E2A final ULC project report summarizing key results from the evaluation and documentation process which included:
Serious ADR--According to the ICH E2A criteria, serious ADRs are defined as reactions to a drug that result in death, permanent injury, significant disability/incapacity, or birth defect, and those requiring hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization.
monomer Empirical formula (FW) (%) ([degrees]C) E2A [C.sub.10][H.sub.10] 51.6 35-36 [O.sub.4] (194.18) E4A [C.sub.12][H.sub.14] 56.0 24-25 [O.sub.4] (222.24) E8A [C.sub.16][H.sub.22] 66.0 21-22 [O.sub.4] (278.34) * After recrystallization from ethanol/hexane mixture.
Evidence Project, E2A, HPP, and MEASURE Evaluation.
A train of latitudinal aligned structures was observed east of the JFA (E1a, E2a, E3a; phase zero).
TABLE 1 2011 SSC Campus Energy Consumption ELECTRICITY NATURAL GAS KWH/[FT.sup.2] KBTU/[FT.sup.2] SSC Campus 33.3 48.9 National Average (1) 14.9 40.3 SITE ENERGY USE INTENSITY KBTU/[FT.sup.2] SSC Campus 162.4 National Average (1) 91.0 (1) Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey: Energy End-Use Consumption Tables E4A and E2A. TABLE 2 Dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature summary for AMY, TMY, and future climate scenarios.
Transcription factor BETA 2 acts cooperatively with E2A and PDX1 to activate the insulin gene promoter.
[32] ICH, E2A: Clinical safety data management: definitions and standards for expedited reporting, http://www.ich.org/.
TRUVA International Transportation and Logistics provides worldwide multimodal transportation, logistics, stevedoring and port services, procurement, scrap removal, total supply chain management solutions, customs, and relocation and storage support in the Middle East Europe, Africa, and all Stans and have pioneered moves into and out of Iraq and Afghanistan via NDN and E2A for global military and commercial customers.
[21] developed a type of Si[O.sub.2] aerogel composite reinforced with electrospun poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO)/Elast-Eon TM (E2A) nanofibers via hybrid film casting and nanofiber electrospinning.
HEB (HEBAlt, HEBCan), E2A (E12, E47), and E2-2 (E2-2Can, E2-2Alt).