E2C2Encuentro de Estudiantes en Ciencias de la Computación
E2C2Environmental Entrepreneurs Climate Campaign (San Francisco, CA)
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Adds Angela Natividad, digital strategist at E2C2 and a high-profile industry blogger: "It takes a too-easy trope--the hubby who has a freak-out over his divine stain and starts a cultural craze--and tosses the punch line into the more practical woman's hands: Oops, she washed the shirt.
A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3 (trials presented randomly) C1D1, C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 Test for emerged relations (trials presented randomly intermixed) Baseline trials A1B1, A2B2, A3B3, B1C1, B2C2, B3C3, C1D1, C2D2, C3D3, D1E1, D2E2, D3E3 Symmetry trials B1A1, B2A2, B3A3, C1B1, C2B2, C3B3, D1C1, D2C2, D3C3, E1D1, E2D2, E3D3 Transitivity trials A1C1, A2C2, A3C3, A1D1, B1D1, A2D2, B2D2, A3D3, B3D3, A1E1, B1E1, C1E1, A2E2, B2E2, C2E2, A3E3, B3E3, C3E3 Equivalence trials C1A1, D1A1, E1A1, C2A2, D2A2, E2A2, C3A3, D3A3, E3A3, D1B1, E1B1, D2B2, E2B2, D3B3, E3B3, E1C1, E2C2, E3C3 Experimental phases % program Number of consequences trials Acquisition of baseline relations (all trial types presented randomly) 1.