E2IEndo-Exoatmospheric Interceptor
E2IExo-atmospheric/Endo-atmospheric Interceptor
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He said the aim of the E2I was to "act together and reinforce our capacity to act together," adding: "Our security and our defence pass through Europe."
"e2i" (enterprise to internet) is a simple framework to address this continuum, described as a 2x2 grid comprising a 2-layer applications/infrastructure stack of enterprise and internet styles respectively.
(25) "Speech By Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, At The e2i Best Sourcing Symposium," last modified 8 January, 2014, http://app.mof.gov.sg/newsroom details.aspx?type=speech&cmpar year=2014&news sid=2014010880452160 7215.
The funding support from WDA and e2i will cover the training fees and a monthly allowance of up to SGD1,400 per cadet during the 31-month training course.
(11) The indirect approach of engagement is well reflected by the E2I. In December 2013, the European Council emphasized the importance of empowering global partners to take more responsibility for regional security.
The courses are accredited under ISO 29990: 2010 Standard and under a train-and-job placement programme spearheaded by Employment and Employability Institute (e2i), delegates who are Singaporeans/PRs have been eligible for a training grant.
Here ui = e1i - e2i, vi = e1i - e2i, where e1i is the ith forecast residual from bench mark model which is AR (p) model in our case and e2i is ith forecast residual from ESTAR model.
Setting aside, company sponsored delegates can tap on a training grant for local commercial divers - initiated by Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees' Union (SMEEU PMO), Commercial Diving Association Singapore (CDAS) and e2i, who are working together in upskilling and accreditation of commercial divers to establish, maintain and upgrade the safety standards for commercial diving.
88 & 89 CRB B23 CSA Soliance 120 CSSI 28 Dagard Cleanroom 105 DME Alliance Engineering Consultants 51 E2i, Inc.